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Monobutyltin Oxide YT134

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【Revision Date】2011-12-30
【Chemical Name】Monobutyltin Oxide
【Molecular Formula】C4H10O2Sn
【Product Code】YT134
【Appearance】white powder (amorphous)
【Production Standard】Enterprise Standard

Index (%)



Loss on drying



≤ 1.0

≤ 1.0

Monobutyltin Oxide is an amorphous white powder with special odor. It is insoluble in water and most organic solvent, but soluble in alkali and mineral acid. It will react with Carboxylic Acid and dissolved under heat, and the active catalyst produced is also dissolvable in the system and remains in the product.
Monobutyltin Oxide is used for synthetizing saturated or unsaturated polyester from powder coating, coil coating, and insulated paint; synthetizing PBT engineering resin and other products of esterification and interesterification.
1.Packing Label: Product name, manufacturer, date of manufacture, shelf life, and lot number, etc.
2. Packing specification: plastic bags inside and sealed, then plastic drum outside, 15kg net each; or other packages required by customers.
【Transportation, Storage】
1.Transportation: control the stacking height, avoid bumpy ride and keep from sun, rain, moisture, separate from acid, alkali and food during the transportation.
2.Storage: Stored in a ventilated, dry, and cool warehouse. Close the cover immediately after using. It is forbidden to contact with water and bright light.
【Shelf Life】24 months
1. Avoid contacting with Oxidant. Wear protective equipment while handling.
2. Operators shall wear dust mask (full face mask), put on protective rubberized fabric clothes and wear rubber gloves.

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