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Tin-lead Wire Solder

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Standard: GB/T8740-2005
Variety: All those listed in Standard GB/T8740-2004. Other products with special requirements are available.
Properties: It is a silvery white metal with high rigidity. It has excellent compression resistance, wearing endurance, anti-seizure ability. It also has good properties of heat conduction, work performance and corrosion resistance.
Ingot weight: 2kg± 0.2 kg per ingot, 3 kg± 0.2 kg per ingot.
Packaging: Packed in cartons, 25kg net each; 500kg per plate. Packed with wooden supporting plate and plastic-steel belts.

Application: It is mainly used to make main bearing and link bearing of large-scale vessel and bearing of steamer and large power generator, also used to make bearing for medium or small compressors, gas-engines and automobiles.

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