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Stannous Sulfate

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Formula: SnSO4
Standard: GB/T 23839-2009
Synonyms: Tin (II) Sulfate
Properties: White or off-yellow crystal powder. It is stable at 360℃ and then decompounds to alkali salt above this temperature. It will be oxidized and turn to yellow when it is exposed in air.
Packaging: Packed in aluminum foil bags of 5kg net, then in carton, 25kg net each, or packed in plastic bag of 25kg net, then in plastic drum, 25kg net each.

Application: It is used as cement additive, chemical reagent or used in tinning of acidic electroplating for alloys, tin plate, cylinder piston, steel wire, also used in tinning of electronic parts for brightness. It is used to oxidize or color up aluminum alloy or as stain in textile industry or remover of hydrogen peroxide in organic solution.

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