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Lead-free Solder Wire

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Standard: Q/YXG 004-2008 
Technical Data: attached list

Properties: silvery white metallic wire. To meet the requirements of lead-free electronics, our company has developed solder alloys which produce better abilities when used in high temperature applications. It has the following features: little smog, little splash, little remain after soldering, good wetting ability, good fluidity, strong and bright solder joints, and excellent joint strength, etc..

Diameter: Ф 0.5,Ф0.8,Ф1.0,Ф1.2,Ф1.5,Ф2.0,Ф2.3,Ф2.5,Ф3.0,Ф3.5,Ф5.0, and etc. 0.5kg, 1.0kg, 10kg, or 15kg per coil.
Type of Cores: solid wire, single-cored wire, triple-cored wire
Type of Flux: RA-YX1 strongly-activated, RMA-YX5 mildly-activated
Packaging: 0.5kg per coil and then 12kg per carton ,1kg per coil and then 20kg per carton, 50 coils per case ,30 coils per pallet , 500kg per wood box ,Special packaging is available on the request of customer.
Application: It is widely used for manual welding using soldering iron, automatic mechanical welding and wave soldering in electronic devices, computer, mobile communication devices, instrument & meter manufacturing, automobile industry and other machinery manufacturing.

Note: Products with lead content of ≤500ppm, ≤300ppm, ≤100ppm, etc. are also available on request.

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