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Butyltin Mercaptide YT108

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【Chemical Name】Butyltin Mercaptide
【Molecular Formula】(C4H9)2Sn(SCH2COOC8H17)2 and C4H9Sn(SCH2COOC8H17)3
【Product Code】YT108
【Appearance】Colorless or light yellow liquid.
【Production Standard】Enterprise Standard



Tin %

17.3  18.2

S %

9.6  10.2




1.115  1.135


35  55

Refractive Index(25℃)

1.5020  1.5100

Colorless or light yellow liquid with some mercaptan odour. Non-toxic, slightly insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol organic solvent.
It is used in hard PVC products. It has good disparity and color adjustability. It can improve whiteness of white products.
1. Packing Label: Product name, manufacturer, date of manufacture, shelf life, and lot number, etc.
2. Packing specification: plastic drum, 250kg net each; or other packages required by customers.
【Transportation, Storage】
1. Transportation: control the stacking height, avoid bumpy ride and keep from sun, rain, moisture, separate from acid, alkali and food during the transportation.
2. Storage: Stored in a ventilated, dry, and cool warehouse. Close the cover immediately after using. Avoid contacting with water and bright light.
【Shelf Life】12 months
1. Adding while kneading materials, dosage depends on customer’s formula.
2. Wear protective equipment while handling. For skin contact, use Sodium Carbonate to clean.


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