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Lead-free Solder Bar

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Standard: Q/YXG 004-2008
Technical Data: attached list
Properties: silvery white metallic bar.. By introducing Professional anti-oxidation technique, the formation of scum in process of soldering is effectively reduced. The products have the characteristics of low cost, good fluidity and weld ability, bright and shiny, uniform and strong solder joint with few defects.
Bar Weight: 1kg/bar. Other weights of bars are available upon special request.
Packaging: Packed in carton, 20kg/carton or 25kg/carton; 40cartons/bundle or 50cartons/bundle,1000kg/bundle.
Application: Used in electrics industry for precise welding, special process soldering, spray coating and plating, etc., such as wave soldering, dip soldering, hot air leveling and so on.

Note: Products with lead content of ≤500ppm, ≤300ppm, ≤100ppm, etc. are also available on request.

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