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Methyltin Mercaptide YT181

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【Chemical Name】Methyltin Mercaptide
【Molecular Formula】(CH3)2Sn(SCH2COOC8 H17)2; CH3Sn(SCH2COOC8 H17)3
【Product Code】YT181
【Appearance】Clear colorless or pale yellow liquid



Tin %


Sulfur %


Density (g/cm3 20°C)


Viscosity (mPa.s 20°C)


Transmittance (% 440 nm)


Color (Pt-Co)


Refractive Index (% 20°C)


Acid Value (mgKOH/g)


YT181 is a clear colorless or pale yellow liquid with weak odor. It is soluble in most organic solvents. It will hydrolyze in contact with water and become hazy or cloudy, which will severely affect its performance.
YT181 is an efficient general-purpose methyltin based heat stabilizer which is suitable to be used in calendaring, extrusion, injection and blow molding process to produce food-contact PVC and its polymers such as rigid clear PVC sheet, plate, pipe, bottle and other profiles as well as flexible clear film, etc.. it has good balance of properties giving outstanding initial pigmenting property and excellent both initial and long-term stability, which is required in manufacturing of high performance PVC, particularly for rigid sheet and film applications. By introducing high efficiency deodorization technology, odor of YT181 is very weak. It can be applied to produce PVC packaging materials in contact with food and drug directly, and provide much more excellent processing performance than other toxic or low-toxic addictives.
YT181 has three types: YT181A, YT181B, and YT181C. YT181A, universal stabilizer, better for secondary machining for bead; YT 181B, better initial stability for film; YT 181C, with good performance for both initial stability and late stability, better for calendering process.
1. Packing Label: Product name, manufacturer, date of manufacture, shelf life, and lot number, etc.
2. Packaging: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)lined iron drums of 250kg net each, or IBC totes of 1200kg net each. Other packaging maybe available upon further discussion.
【Handling and Storage】
Store in dry and well-ventilated places. Seal the drum immediately to protect product from contacting with moister and air after use. Avoid contact with water. When handling the product, operations should wear suitable protective clothing. In case accidentally contact with skin, flush with water immediately.
【Shelf Life】181B,181C 6 months; 181A 12 months

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