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Stannous Chloride

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Formula: Formula: SnCl2•2H2O
Synonyms: Stannous Chloride Dihydrate Stannous Dichloride Dihydrate
Standard: HG/T 2526-2007
Variety: Super-grade, first-grade
Properties: Colorless or white monoclinic crystal with a density of 2.71g/cm3. It is dissolvable in water, alcohol or glacial acetic acid. Its dissolvability will increase in thick hydrochloric acid. It will melt when temperature is higher than 37.7℃.
Packaging: Packed in sealed plastic bag then in plastic drum or carton, 25kg net each. Other packaging is available on the request of customer.
Application: It is used in cement industry or used as reducer to make intermediates of dyestuff, or as bleacher, stabilizer of flavor, or raw material of organic synthesis, also used in silvering of mirror, electroplating, silk dyeing, etc.
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